Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two year old chatter

It's not clear yet whether Ains will have the same verbal .... idiosyncracies as her sister. She's certainly as chatty as her sister at the same age, but she isn't yet picking up on unusual or interesting words the way Hannah always has.

Her most common words right now are "SELF!" and " 'elp? You?" (a request so darling - and so worth accommodating - that no matter what I'm doing, I find a way to have her help) A frantic "POOOOO POOOOOTTT!!!" also figures into her most frequently used words. She chats constantly, talking about her favorite stories, singing her songs, talking and giggling with her sister, and teasing her momma, da, and 'gay-gay' (her way of saying Grayson's name gives her father fits). She has the most endearing way of saying "Peasssss????" that pretty much guarantees her whatever she's asking for. She won't be spoiled. Don't say that.

She's moved from only saying one syllable in each word to saying whole words. She now uses sentences, though her unique inflection style leads you to believe that a three word sentence is in fact three sentences - most often interrogative sentences. "You? Kiss? ME?" or "Mone? Mash. Tatoes?"

She calls me "Momma" instead of Hannah's preferred "Mother" and she's cementing her Daddy's place wrapped around her finger by saying "Kiss. You?", taking his face between her pudgy little toddler hands and kissing him.

This unique chatter won't last long - it's such a short phase in their language learning - but I do believe it's one of the "attachment behaviors" that little human babies have to tie us to them. It's too cute for, well, words.

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