Monday, November 3, 2008

Well, it's over.

One more year, one more night dressing up as whatever you can imagine for yourself.

Ains was Little Red Riding Hood.

Her little brother was The Big Bad Wolf. He looks more scared of her. Don't know why she looks like she was crying - she was as happy as they come that night.

All three together.

Hannah, my 'princess girl', did not go as a princess. She was a 'Dancing Queen'. 'Tis what you get when you have a royalty obsessed child who adores ABBA.

When anyone would say "Oh, you're a princess!", she'd correct them. And then show off her moves.

And look at those moves. Too fast for the camera moves. It's a silly source of pride for me that she doesn't know the name 'Disney' and the word 'princess' does not correlate directly to Disney princesses (TM) in her mind.

So much fun that Little Red Riding Hood had to join in.

Capes twirl amazingly well.

Off to get candy.

1 year ago:

All about princesses.

2 years ago:

Pink and orange dalmatian. Costume change the day of the party. Her ears look like the Flying Nun to me.

3 years ago:

A cop and a convict.

4 years ago:

Kangaroo and her joey. My sister made this costume for her first baby and passed it on to me.


Annie said...

Beautiful costumes! I hope you had a great holiday!

Katey said...

Love the pictures through the years! Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween!

Lori said...

i love when parents get into the act! :^)

when my 2nd son was born two weeks before halloween, i thought it would be funny to go trick-or-treating that year as a pregnant lady. so i put my maternity overalls *back* on and stuffed a pillow in there. unfortunately, no one got the joke!

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Such cute kids and they look adorable in their costumes. I love the dancing pictures, all too often we try to get them to pose instead of embracing the chaos! Isn't it fun how different sisters can be and still be so much alike too?