Saturday, December 20, 2008

Four year olds today.

Hannah's a very attached girl. It's in her nature. So when she heard I was going to do a Pampered Chef show, she wanted to come. I explained what was going to happen there, that I would be busy "doing the show" and that she would have to sit very still and quiet. She asked why I was doing this, I explained that I was earning money. She is finally grasping the whole need-money-to-buy-things concept. Not unusual for that to take about five years to sink in. Some adults still haven't grasped it. She begged to come and earn money too.

I knew that my sister would be there and could take care of Hannah if needed, so I found some jobs for Hannah to be in charge of and offered her a portion of the sales if she helped me out. She was thrilled but wouldn't tell me what she wanted the money for.

We got to the show and she was a huge help in setting the catalogs and receipts out, making sure all of the guests got a pen and a drawing slip, and telling them about her favorite tool (right now it's the citrus peeler). She was insistent about helping do as much as possible and then she sat with her aunt for a little bit.

When I introduced myself at the beginning of the show, I introduced her too and said that she wanted to earn some money. One of the ladies looked directly at her (I love it when adults treat my children as interesting people instead of 'just kids') and asked her what she was earning money for. "A computer", was her answer "so that my mother can't kick me off of hers."

Oh, dear.

What is it with kids these days? Next thing you know, she'll be asking if she can buy an iPod.

Here she is at the show in the apron that my other sister - the professional seamstress - made for her. Gorgeous, in't it?

She'll likely be coming to my next show.


Annie said...

She is so adorable! How could anyone *not* buy a ton from her?!

Cindy said...

What a cute side-kick! That is so fun that she wants a new computer so she's working to save for it.