Monday, December 22, 2008

“If living is learning, am I living a large enough life?”

This question was asked in this wonderful post on Handmade Homeschool. Go ahead. Click through - her blog is worth it. I'll be here waiting for you.

The basis behind my children's education philosophy is that humans are driven to learn. Little humans are especially driven to learn about the world around them, their society, and their place in it all. This covers all of the broken up 'subjects' in school. Science, history, math, art, physical education, language, even the new-fangled classes like 'community'.

I ran into a lovely woman at the grocery store the other day. It was the middle of the week and she had her five year old and two year old daughters with her, so of course I asked her if she homeschooled - you make connections wherever you can out here in the boondocks. She said that her older daughter was in morning kindergarten, but that she wanted to homeschool. Her husband wanted the kids to go to school because otherwise how would they see the "real world"?

When did school become the "real world" and grocery shopping become... I don't know - the fake world? Not the Real World? Running errands, going to the library, following your interests, doing what is necessary to earn money enough to cover needs and wants, socializing with friends and neighbors, *this* is the real world. This is the world that my children live in.

Having this educational philosophy forces me to wake up and live my own life well and fully. My children need to see me following my own interests, get out of my house, or retreat to my house. It can be an overwhelming feeling to have these eyes on me, but at the same, quite confusing time, a comforting feeling. I have to - and get to - keep asking myself the question that is rife with possibilities,

"If living is learning, am I living a large enough life?"


Stephanie said...

Fabulous post.
I'm late - got behind on the blogs (including my own) and correspondences.
I agree with you exactly, of course - I have a theory that "school imitates life". :)

SabrinaT said...

Wonderful post! And oh so true.