Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

I'm not the only one with dirty dishes in the sink.

Two lamps on the same hook so that I can use the other hook for cheese making. The last time I made cheese was four months ago.


Danni said...

Ha! Love that top photo. Some times there are more important things to do than dishes. :-)

Don't feel badly about the two lamps on the one hook - the point is, you are totally intending to make more cheese at some point, right? And you'll be all ready. :-)

What is the third picture down a picture of?

Michelle said...

Looks like you finally broke down and got your girls a play kitchen. Sorry my life has been too crazy the last 3 years to make you one...

Sarah said...

dk, lol about the dishes. So true. I'll probably get the lamp put back on it's hook only to return it the next week when I make my first spring batch of cheese.

The third picture is a little wooden decoration - a little milk can with a heart on it. It doesn't balance well on the counter, so it got stuck there on the coffee cup hook until I could find a good place for it... There is a disturbing pattern here. lol

Michelle, no worries. lol My sister has a play kitchen and my kids never leave it when they play at her house. Husband decided it was necessary.