Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Now before you get on to me about this, hear me out.

She put herself in there. *She* climbed up there, she put her head in, she closed the brace, and then she started yelling "STUCK, STUCK!!!"

Before, I've always just gone and gotten her out. Yes. There were several "befores". This time, my sister was there and snapped some pictures for posterity.

Stuck was her first word. Stuck was her most frequently used word for many, many moons. My sister suggested that I do a post entitled 'Stuck' and just put up pictures of the many fixes she gets herself into. These are the only pictures I have, though. Good momma, bad blogger.


Michelle said...

Stuck has been one of Spencer's most frequently used words as well. Those two could get into a lot of trouble if left alone for a minute or two.

Stephanie said...

I'd probably fall into the "Bad Mama, Good Blogger" category.
Because surely at some point when I'd hear those words, I'd ritually start grabbing my camera!
(Provided it were the usual "Stuck", and not the Emergency! sort.)

hen said...

hee hee!! That is a classic pic'!! When I have kids I'm sure it will be me taking those pictures before setting them free!


Kady said...

I See you where making good use of my birthday .. instead of calling me by the way they are really cute pictures

Annie said...

Omg. When I first saw that I didn't know what I was looking at! Ha! She is so cute.

Sarah said...

I'm surprised I never have gotten a picture. I've either not got my camera handy or she's in a truly dangerous (like leg-breaking) situation.

I need a small digital camera to carry with me at all times for that girl - she's so funny.

Happy birthday Kady!