Monday, January 26, 2009

"Barack Obama said peace."

Hannah watched the inauguration with me and, while she thought Rick Warren's prayer was 'silly' (I'll say that I agreed with her. In fact I muted the man after about twenty seconds of his shouting and gesticulating.), and she colored through most of the part we watched, she listened more carefully than I thought to Obama's speech. And I didn't think she listened at all - she is, after all, four years old.

Since that day, I have heard "Barack Obama said peace" more times than I care to remember. No raised voices allowed around her. When we were in the car today, she was very quiet so I asked if she was asleep. "No, Mother. I'm fustated with Ainser but Barack Obama said peace so I'm breathing like you do when you get fustated." Okay, then. When she and Ains were playing in the bathtub last night and Ains got upset with Hannah for taking her starfish, Hannah jumped in with "Barack Obama said peace, Ains. Be peace." Ains thought she'd be peace just fine when Hannah gave back her starfish, thank you very much.

I *am* wondering what else Hannah picked up out of that speech that I didn't even think she was listening to...


Sarah said...

OMG that is too funny.

Oh, BTW, you don't have to pick out 8 blogs if you don't want to, just do whatever you can and make it your own. :P It could be 4 or sumthin'.

Be Peace!

hen said...

that is amazing! That's one wise little bean you've got there.


Michael said...

Not to be the brat here but... if Hannah had heard a speech from Bush, and Bush said the same exact thing about peace, and that influenced Hannah to be peaceful, what would your reaction be to that?

Sarah said...

Please. Anything that influences a kid to be peaceful is fine by me. lol

I'm not wearing rose-colored glasses about Obama, that's for sure - his first day in office, his choice for Sec of Ag was approved and it was a choice that was hotly protested by the public that he professed to be inviting back into govt. So it wasn't that Obama said it, it was that my 4 yo heard it and incorporated it.

So if Bush said it, I'd laugh that she learned a concept like that from him and be happy. If she learned a concept like that from Cheney, though ... that would be a bit nerve-wracking. Yes, that would be a bit nerve-wracking.

kivyn said...

Be peace. That's just beautiful. What a wonderful part to glean from the speech!