Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Ladybug Game

Have you seen this game?

It's a very cool game, made by a kid, for kids.

A child doesn't have to know how to read numbers to play this game, so it can be played by the very young.

It's a bit odd that as you gather up the aphids to eat them, they're grinning happily. Maybe aphids don't care. I dunno.

It's an easy game to make into a cooperative game, as everyone can pool their aphids to help those get home that don't have enough.

And when you're two and you lose interest in the minimal strategy of the game, the cute illustrations and playing pieces make for a fun storyboard to play around on.

We've had it since Hannah was two and she's loved it. It's definitely worth owning, this one.

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Stephanie said...

Maddie got that game for Christmas from a little friend!
We like it, too.