Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artists are fancy.

Wow, Hannah, that's a fancy horse you've got there.

H: (matter-of-factly) Well, yes. He's an artist.

Oh. Are artists fancy?

H: (very patiently) I don't know, Mother. I've never met an artist. (after a pause) But I'm fancy, and I'm an artist, so I think artists are fancy. And he's a very good artist so he's very fancy.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Well, duh, *mother*....


Stephanie said...


Joy said...

Well, of course!

Sarah said...

DK, isn't that hilarious? She cracks me up. I was 'Momma', then 'Mommy', then 'Sarah' for a long time. I've been 'Mother' for almost two years now. We have no idea where she heard it, but it's stuck. Her daddy is 'Father'. Her sister calls me 'momma' and her daddy 'da'. Her brother calls me 'aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh'.

Steph, thanks. lol

Katey said...

I can't wait to finally meet this girl. When are you coming out here? : )

Stephanie said...

It always cracks me up that calls you Mother, too.
I figured it was y'alls doing. (yours and dh's.)
:) That's funny that she came up with it on her own.

Madd calls me "Mudder" sometimes.
"Oh, Mudder, I wuv you."
"Oh, Baby, I love you, too."

I'll be back later for SS, we have a new player today! (Sunny Mama) Prob'ly they'll all be garden shots. [rolls eyes] Imagine that.

Sarah said...

Oh, Katey. I wish it were tomorrow. I could use the vacation and she and your girls would get on so well, I think.

Steph, that's cute. It's so proper, isn't it? Even when it's 'Mudder'.