Monday, February 9, 2009

Honeycomb 'candy'.

I found a recipe for Honeycomb Candy online somewhere. Can't remember where now, but it's just as well. It was a horrid recipe. I was really disappointed because the type of candy it was supposed to be was so yummy in Ireland. So I found this one. We'll try it. Later. After the memories of this one have faded from our taste buds. It was that bad. But the foaming and the air pockets were cool.

Daddy helping measure out the ingredients.

Ains sprayed the pan for us. That candy ain't sticking.

Hannah watching the temperature on the candy thermometer.

After it's heated up, you add the baking soda. When you do that, it foams up so fast that you have to be ready to pour it immediately. It will overflow the pan. It's very impressive.

It cooled quickly, so the girls could use their fingers to feel it go from soft to brittle.

We tried it. It was foul. So the girls got to go after it with vegetable peelers. That was fun.

So if you try the recipe I linked to, let me know how it turned out. I'm not going to get brave again for awhile.

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