Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Swimsuits and Bubble Painting on the Prairie

So the day after the swimsuit request was, naturally, beach day. Food was eaten on towels near the bathtub, and the girls lived in the bathroom splashing and laughing all day. And there was much peace.

The last two days, however, have seen them forget completely about swimsuits as Hannah has, out-of-the-blue, decided that the 'Mary books' are back in. On Tuesday morning she declared "Mother, I'm into the Mary books again. Can we start reading?" I asked her if she wanted to start over with Little House in the Big Woods, which is her favorite, or start up where we left off, partway through On the Banks of Plum Creek. "The Plum Creek one." So we started there.

For two days, she has been Mary. She relates more to Mary than to Laura. Ainsley has been told she's Laura (though she's been quite insistent that she is, in fact, a horsey), I have been Ma, and their father has been Pa. That leaves Grayson. Poor Grayson. Baby Carrie is the only character left. "OH!", says Hannah, "I have an Uncle Kerry! Gray will be Baby Kerry." So Baby Kerry he has been.

Lots of looking at animals on our favorite animal website - swans first, then following intriguing suggestions on the website and in her mammal encyclopedia. The basking shark was a huge (literally) hit. And we found images and even a video of triops, which she has (hopefully hatching) in a tank.

Ains is rarely to be found without her magnifying glass in hand, looking for footprints, elephants, Grayson, or her ponies. "A - HA!!!" is not heard often, but when it is, it's very triumphant.

She's also very good at goading Gray into playing with her. Today she had him crawling in a three foot diameter circle, lapping him seven times for every one of his circles. Every time she passed him, he would giggle hysterically as if he thought he was almost going to catch her.

Remember the bubble painting? Hannah and I tried a suggested improvement - using a small amount of tempera paint (in place of food coloring) stirred in before the bubbles are blown. It makes much more vibrant art. I wouldn't do it with a little one though who might forget that she can't *suck* on the straws and might do so.


Stephanie said...

A super fun day!
I'm hoping Madd will want to read Little House.
If not, I'll read it on my own. :)

Michelle said...

When we did bubble art, I learned if you poke a few holes in the straw about half way up, it prevents/slows down sucking the paint back up into their mouth, but lets them still blow the bubbles. I love doing this activity!

We borrowed Little House from my neighbor, we'll see how it goes over with Liz...