Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Would you?

Breastfeed someone else's child?

I would. I totally would. In fact, I have. Wouldn't have seen me doing that ten years ago.


Lindsay said...

I would, as long as the other mother was okay with it of course. I never have, but I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't.

I have to be completely honest though, and say I would find someone else breastfeeding my child harder, because I kind of like that I'm the only one that can comfort her and give her that. I know that's a bit silly, since there is so much more that goes along with breastfeeding and no one else can replace all that.

That being said, of course if for whatever reason I couldn't nurse her, I would rather someone else nurse her than that she had to go on formula.

Stephanie said...

I've been thinking about this today since you wrote it.
I think I would.
But, like Lindsay, the other way would be more difficult.
Either way - giving or recieving - it's an incredibly generous gift of your Self.

Sarah said...

Before I had kids, I wasn't going to breastfeed longer than nine months and I certainly would *never* have breastfed another woman's child - or pumped and donated my milk.

You know that book Our Babies, Ourselves? There's a section in there about a culture in which all women suckle all of the babies of the tribe. It's fascinating and so different from our own.

Nursing another woman's child is difficult because that baby really doesn't want you. It's really true what you said, Lindsay - you're giving them much more than food when you breastfeed them and even a hungry baby that is not used to anybody else nursing them has a hard time nursing on another woman.

I have to admit, when I saw the way that baby was looking into her eyes as he nursed, the connection he was trying to establish as he nursed, it would have made me jealous if I'd been his mother. But the ease with which he started nursing (and the easy way he tried to establish a connection) really makes it look like he's used to nursing on women other than his mother.

I didn't mind nursing another woman's child when I did it (though the different latch-ons are sooo uncomfortable. lol), but I was just as comfortable donating my milk, you know?

It's interesting that the two breastfeeding stories that I have put up here are both about women feeding other women's children. Just noticed that. (the other was about that Chinese policewoman)

Jeanna said...

My kids are older and unfortunately I was not educated about breastfeeding when they were little, so neither of them were. Now I tell anyone who will listen why they should breastfeed. My daughter who will soon be 16 knows already that when she is a mother she will breastfeed, not that I am forcing her, I have just educated her.

As far a breastfeeding another mothers child, if I could I would. This has been done for centuries with wet nurses. I think people are coming back to they way things were. The more community as family like things used to be. People are finally not focusing on themselves, but looking for the over all good. Maybe I am to optimistic for my own good, but we can hope.