Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 days later, 4 years before,

I began this journey. I could not have predicted how completely it would take my focus off of me, and paradoxically make me work hard at getting to know who I really am and who I can be, for her sake.

She's gone so fast from this -

to this -

to this -

to this -

to this -

Watching her grow up again as I looked through the pictures made her personality pop out.

Her dancing,


very proper,

dreaming personality.

Has it been five years since I lost and found myself on the same day?

And what does the next year hold? I can't wait to find out.

Happy birthday, baby girl. I'm a better person for having you in my life.


Simpson Home said...

Oh happy birthday to your birthday girl (and boy) March is a great birthday month. HUGS -Gil and Kathy

Stephanie said...

Happy, Happy BIrthday!!


You have a fertile time of year too, I see. :)
Both of mine had their early beginning in the fall, at the fall (harvest) equinox.
I had the exact same due date for both, four years apart - Trev was two weeks late.

Last fall, four years later, I had this panicky feeling come over me at one point, terrified of us not being careful, and couldn't figure out why.
A few weeks later I did, when it occurred to me that panicked moment was exactly another four years. lol
I guess that's just my "especially potent" time. :D

sunnymama said...

Such lovely photos of your daughter growing up! Your words about losing and finding yourself on the same day really resonated with me. It's such a privilege to be able to grow with our children as they grow.

Marcie said...

You have a gift for photography! That or amazingly beautiful kids! Or both! You really capture the moment well, I love the one of Hannah and Matt walking with a fishing pole! And the one of Grayson in the hammock is just priceless! We miss you guys! Hope they had great Birthdays! :)

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hannah! We love you and Ashley and Sadie can't wait to do another "show" with you!