Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Discovering cattails.


We've lived here for three years and every year, twice a year, my children discover cattails as if it was the first time they'd seen them. One of the times is in the fall when the cattails dry and burst. The other is now, in the spring, right before the new cattails make their appearance and the old cattails are especially easy to, er, distribute.

"Let's get some exercise" says she as she heads down the road.

Once we realize she's serious, we run to catch up.




Mother realizes that if there are to be any pictures of Grayson on this blog, she'd better take one.

We reach the 'pond'. Our nearest farmer uses this as his backup water. In a few weeks he'll burn this to the ground, clearing the way for the pond to be filled with irrigation water a few weeks after that. A few weeks after that, this seemingly barren little area will be teeming with plant and animal life.

Look what we discover.

Oh, the fun to be had with these.

Even the cats got in on the game.


Stephanie said...

cattails are super fun.
I especially love them when you barely touch them and they start exploding.

The new banner picture is fabulous! It makes me smile.

sunnymama said...

What a wonderful find! I love your new header picture too!

Katey said...

How fun! I love the new header picture. And the one where they're "Loving" made me go, "Aww!"

Must be nice to be able to take walks and find cattails in March (says a very jealous Katey).

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Seriously, I LOVE you pictures!! I think you should come over and just spend the day taking pictures of my kids so I can have tons of cute ones!!
Looks like you guys are enjoying the spring!

Lynna said...

You're such a fun mom!! I am not. I remember cattails as a child. My grandma used them to decorate (in the house) they were always off limits!! But neverthless, we still loved playing with them. (even in the house!!)

Lisa said...

Love it!!! We seem to be on the same wavelength in many areas! Glad to have found you! :)

SE'LAH... said...

Love watching children explore and enjoy nature.

Absolutely lovely photo in your header.