Sunday, March 22, 2009

In like a lamb, out like a lion.

March, that is.

Yesterday was beautiful! It was so warm that after our bath (hence the wet hair on all the kids), we were able to bask.

Grayson played while I read Peter Pan to Hannah.

Hannah had 'very important work' to do while she listened to me. Stenciling cannot be procrastinated.

And here's the child who hasn't been still a moment since she was born - throwing the ball for the puppy.

We went for pony rides and fixed animal pens and inspected the garden and hung the first spring laundry on the line. *contented sigh* Nothing beats hanging laundry for relaxing me.

When we went to bed last night, a storm had blown in. This morning the rain turned into snow and it became an inside day. For the girls, this meant yoga,

dancing with each other (or with dolls if sisters got too cranky),


pretending ("Mother, I just got married and I've already had so many children. ((big sigh)) I have so much laundry!"),

and chess.

For me it meant deep cleaning my computer desk. That took all morning and afternoon. It was very bad. And I kept taking breaks to play with kids. They're a bad influence.

This evening they talked their dad into roasting hot dogs in the fireplace and playing Magical Creatures (their own rules, naturally). When he tuckered out, they played with the puppy and then set up their sleeping bags behind me on the floor. So I'm here, learning the names of muscles in the body while my sleeping babes are nestled around a sleeping puppy.

My risorius is stretching my lips into a smile. Risorius. Muscle responsible for smiling.


sunnymama said...

Geat pictures! I love hanging laundry too.

Tuan's Princess said...

Ahhh yes! Hanging that first load of spring laundry. There really is something about smelling the freshly washed clothes as you hang them in the warm breeze. *sigh* It needs to warm up here again soon! lol