Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Is it raving you are, girl? To capture a leprechaun is no easy thing!"*

Two nights ago, Hannah tried leaving out shoelaces for the leprechaun because he is a shoemaker. He took the shoelaces and gold chocolate coins and got away.

So yesterday she got serious. She asked me to read her all of her leprechaun books yet again. We looked at our bookmarked leprechaun sites. She made me write down the following facts:

1) Leprechauns are shoemakers.
2) Leprechauns like gold.
3) Leprechauns are grumpy and live alone.
4) Leprechauns are drunk a lot.
5) Leprechauns are tiny.

If caught, remember the following:

1) Leprechauns are tricky.
2) Leprechauns won't lie. But their truth is tricky.
3) Leprechauns can't get away if you keep looking at them, so they will try to trick you into looking away.

Remembering all of the above, she set about making the final, most important (last chance until next year!) trap.

Alcohol. (Apple juice - we're fresh out of alcohol. And she had to borrow her sister's My Little Pony cups and bowls - she didn't want him to drown in a bigger cup.)

Shoelaces - lots this time. Chocolate gold coins. Not only in the bowl but in a path leading up to the bowl.

She was certain she had him this time. He'd probably get too drunk to get away but if he could hold his liquor, he wouldn't be able to get away fast enough with his arms so full of shoelaces and gold. Hee hee hee.

But 'tis no easy thing to catch a leprechaun.

He got away, probably drunk as a skunk. He drank all the alcohol and left the cups and bowls in a mess. He tipped over the gold coins and left a trail of them out the door. He dropped some of the shoelaces. The box knocked off and trapped his hat. He didn't get away unscathed, but he did get away.

Hannah had to inspect every piece of evidence.

Then she had to call her father and tell him all about it.

Until next year...

Books we had fun with:
*quote from Leprechauns Never Lie - how a leprechaun tricks a lazy girl into helping her grandma
Leprechaun Gold - how a leprechaun tricks a man into taking the gold he owes him
Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato - a lazy man catches a leprechaun who talks him into taking a potato seed instead of a pot of gold

A website you have to see:
The Leprechaun Watch - a webcam set up in a prime leprechaun viewing area. After you've read that page, click on 'webcam' up in the top lefthand corner. So much fun!


Stephanie said...


cute gril. :)

Joy said...

Thanks for the smile! I'll bet Hannah had so much fun trying to catch that sneaky leprechaun. Add Too Many Leprechauns to your list. It's a fun one. :)

hen said...

I have LOVED following this, it's inspired!!!!

I didn't know how you were going to end it but I think you did it perfectly. It means they can hatch plans next year too!



Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!
We did similar things with the treat the kids leave for santa and his reindeers... it was so much fun to watch their reaction to the "evidence".

me said...

This is brilliant! I will have to try this next year with Spotty Chop.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You should read the book, you may still be scarred, but at least you will have the big picture.

SE'LAH... said...

I love it. I know what I'm doing next St. Paddy's day ;-)