Monday, March 23, 2009

Keywords and snapshots.

Every so often, I search my recent keyword activity and alter any blog titles or entries that could be attracting unwanted attention. You wouldn't believe how many different ways nasty people look for nasty stuff. They don't find it here, but I don't even want them looking here. *sigh* Here are some fun searches from the past few days.

"how do i make a simple leprechaun trap in five-ten minutes"
- I hope I helped.

"how do leprechauns get into houses"
- We have no idea. Something to do with fairies, I'd think.

"is violence a genetic component or a home issue?"
- Um, I'd say a little of both, plus a big dose of not dealing with the issues created by being subjected to both. I have both the 'genetic component' and the 'home issue' (from my childhood) and I'm doing my damndest to not pass that onto my children. Whoever you're studying can beat the odds with good books, a great support system, professional help and the desire to do so. Change the family tree, so to speak. ((Big shout-out to my support system. You all know who you are. My children wouldn't have the life they have without you.))

"cute piggies"
- Aw, you're sweet.

"spider release hundreds of babies"
- Yeah, that was pretty cool.

"the best way to clean a house"
- I did not expect that search to bring you here. I'm sorry for the misleading post title.

"the proper way to clean an house"
- Oh, I am so sorry.

"the best way to clean a house quickly"
- Really? Oh dear. ... ... ... Well, maybe try it my way. Let me know if it works for you.

And I had to edit my sock stick horse tutorial once again. Seriously people, it ain't alluring. Go away.

The snapshots for the day.

Ains playing with Hannah's birthday present from her Grandpa. Tons of fun.

Hannah and I brought my saved stash of dress-up clothes up from the cellar. We didn't even get them into the living room before she started trying them on. Like they needed anymore dress-up clothes.

Of course they did. You always need more dress-up clothes.

Ainsley in my pantry at the grocery store. (Cool hat courtesy of a cool uncle.)


Joy said...

Hannah looks fabulous in her dress-up clothes! And Ainsley's hat is cool, indeed!

Cindy said...

ha ha. I get crazy searches into my blog too. I'm actually going to relocate some of my 'crafty' posts to new blog and then just link to them from my current blog. I'm sure I'll get to that in.... about a year. LOL

Lynna said...

So tell me how you check for the crazies? I worry about that sometimes with all I post about my kids. I don't want them anywhere near.

Sarah said...

Lynna, I use StatCounter ( It's a free service that keeps track of everyone that comes to your blog. How they get there (via links or google searches), what their ISPs are, what posts they look at, how long they stay, lots of stuff.

If you set up your account and then click on 'Recent Keyword Activity' in the left hand column, it will show you if anybody used any icky searches to get to your blog.

karen said...

Love the pic of your little one in the wool hat!!! What an adorable child! kpaints

Sarah said...

I love your blog. Your kids are full of beans!

I pass your sock horse tutorial onto people all the time. You would not believe how many people ask me how to make sock horses. Crazy!!