Monday, March 30, 2009

Make him stop growing up.

At least slow it down a bit?

Little man's trying to walk.

Momma's trying not to sob.

Puppy's trying to chew on my sock.

Little man's giggling hysterically.

All better.


The Thinker said...

Waahaa!! :~( I know! My little B is five and a half. A couple of weeks ago, I found some old video footage of him at two and a half. It literally made my heart ache.

Where does the time go? **sniff**


SE'LAH... said...

They do grow up so quickly. Enjoy every moment.

Lindsay said...

I know exactly how you feel Sarah. *sniff* He is so cute. I can't believe how big he looks.

Joy said...

How cute is he! Those eyes are killer. :)

Marcie said...

If you find the potion that freezes them in time send me some! P.S. THANKS for the awespme clothes!!! I love them!! Audrey likes her new clothes too, she tried to put on one of the dresses over her head when I told her she had a new clothes from Aunt Sarah, then she huged them :)

Jena said...

So sweet! You're a poet! I wanted to come visit you because you're "following" my blog. So glad to meet you. :) It is hard to watch them grow up. I know exactly what you mean.