Thursday, March 12, 2009

Salt dough beads.

A fast, easy, relatively clean project. I found this on Slugs on the Refrigerator.

It's the easiest recipe. Mix 1 cup each of salt and flour.

Or, if you prefer, make your salt and flour mixture into a salt zen garden first. And then into a sand dune full of buried treasure.

Add 1/2 cup water and a tablespoon of oil. Mix well.

We added food coloring to the water before we added it instead of painting the beads later.

Shape and bake at a low temperature until dry.

Or ignore the rules and just do what you want to do. That's creativity. More than acceptable in this house. (For reference, please refer to "Little brother as painting canvas" post)

So Ains thought of this as a type of playdough. Hannah understood the idea of beads for necklaces, but that was boring, so she made big beads. They're still drying. She has a vague idea of hanging them from sticks, so we'll see how that goes. When they finally dry.

Grayson didn't eat any, surprisingly, so I let him play away. He likes to empty and fill stuff (like my clean, folded laundry basket or the plastic bowl drawer), so he spent his time taking the dough out of the bowl, banging it a few times and then putting it back in.

When the beads were dry, necklaces were made.

Very perty.


Mon said...

Dyeing them first is agreat idea for the smaller children, saves the painting mess.

Love their creative ideas.

My 10.5mth old is at the pull out bang bang stage, lol

Joy said...

Too cute!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Love seeing Grayson getting into the spirit of things and, hey, he was following the "rules" as much as anyone else. :-)
The finished beads look just like giant Froot Loops to me. I can practically smell the frooty essence. Not that I ever ate that kinda garbage, mind you. :-)

sunnymama said...

Looks like it was really fun!

Flea said...

Kinda like giant Froot Loops. Way cool!