Monday, March 2, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

This weekend we were out of town for a family party and didn't get back in until late last night. So I took my snapshots this morning which is why they all seem to be focused on messes.

My hot spot - the kitchen counter.

The living room floor rug, rolled up to clear the floor for yoga. After the yoga happened I didn't get the rug rolled back out right away, then I couldn't roll it back out. You don't get a picture of the floor.

Dinner table (which has been a sewing table for about a week now).

Needs no label.

Stack of stuff waiting to be eBayed/Craigslisted/freecycled.

How it began.

Sunnymama this week and last week.


Joy said... dining room table is a sewing table right now too (see frogs on my blog). It's the sign of a well-lived-in house, and a family who just enjoys living. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway. :)

sunnymama said...

They look wonderfully creative messes. I love the picture of the rolled up rug.

Sarah said...

Joy, those frogs are really cute! I agree with you about the look of a well-lived-in house. My husband was raised in a home that was spotless (even though it was on a dairy) but can't remember doing fun stuff with his mom. The opposite will be true for our children hopefully.

Sunnymama, some are creative messes, aren't they? That makes me feel better. lol