Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today we...

played outside. March has been kind to us. We got two hours of not-too-windy, kind-of-warm, altogether-completely-enjoyable time out of our four walls today.

We started out on the porch. While I cleaned our porch furniture, the kids played around me. Occasionally I had little hands helping me wash, but mostly they were exploring or playing with kittens.

Ainsley carefully inspected Ghandi with the magnifying glass, looked up at me and very seriously declared "Cat."

One of my mothering joys is seeing the similarities and differences in my children. Take how they interact with cats.

Exhibit 1: Mama cat, wraps her baby in a blanket, dotes on him and carries him around.

Plays with kittens, takes a lot of pleasure in kittens chasing her makeshift toys.

Exhibit 2: The Teacher. Tries to teach the kitten how to get in a bucket - whether the kitten wants to or not.

Tries to teach the kitten how to climb a tree - whether the kitten wants to or not.

These children are endlessly amusing to me.

We gradually moved out into the yard, into the pine trees, onto the farm road, and back.

Hannah collected art supplies. I need to get a picture of what she created.

Running down the farm road. The farm land is to the right, our land is to the left.

Hannah found a skull that's been in this exact place for the last three years that we've lived here. She's noticed it before and talked about it before, but she really noticed it today and we had a fun discussion that ranged from carnivores vs. herbivores to spider eggs (there was a nest in one of the eyes) to her own mortality to cemeteries to ... well, you've been there with your own kids, I'm sure. Since she recently had a dentist visit we looked at the teeth and how they fit in (and even pulled some of them out).

Grayson is teething, so mostly he's attached to me, but occasionally he let me put him down for a few minutes. It helped if there was a cat nearby that would let him grab at them.

It felt good to all of us to stretch out a bit.


Joy said...

It looks like a great day! Seeing their various interactions with the cats made me smile.

Sarah said...

I know, isn't that funny? Ains with the cat on the tree was especially funny. That kitten was so patient as she put him on the tree over and over. As soon as she let go, he'd fall to the ground. She was getting so frustrated because he obviously needed her help to learn how to climb a tree and he wasn't taking his lessons seriously. When he was tired of the lessons, he ran three trees down, climbed that tree to a branch about fifteen feet up, and sat there looking down at her. She seemed to be very proud of how her lessons had paid off. lol

sunnymama said...

It looks like you had a really lovely day! How wonderful to have so much open space around you.