Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where we had to go in a hurry...

So the other night the kids and I jumped in the car and went to go stay with some cousins. The next morning after some quality cousin time, we went to go look at a litter of puppies. Cocker spaniel puppies. We came home with this little man to add to our home.

Look at that face.

We've been dog-less for awhile and looking for the perfect fit. We'd narrowed our choices down to two breeds, both good family dogs but both difficult to find quality breeding in our area. Hence the road trip when a good litter of spaniels had a few extra unexpectedly available.

His name did not come easily. Hannah liked Midnight, I liked Jake, Ainsley called him Foo Foo.

Someone suggested that we put the first two names together and call him Midnight Jake. I decided not to since I don't want a dog whose name evokes images of a Chippendale dancer.

As an aside, does anyone know how to fix his eyes in this picture? It was taken in a dark room, so I needed a flash, but you can see what that did to his eyes. Spooky. The red eye reduction tool doesn't work on this.

So Jake was out, but not Midnight. Hannah decided that Twinkling Star of the Midnight Sky was the perfect name for this dog and that I could call him 'Middy' (short for Midnight) as a nickname.

That lasted until I went outside with him to check on the goats. When I called "Middy, Middy, Middy!" I ended up with one puppy and five cats at my feet. Back to the drawing board to find a nickname that doesn't sound like kitty, ladies, mommas, or girls (my calls for my cats, poultry, goats, and horses respectively).

My constellation obsessed five year old decided that her favorite constellation, Cygnus was good. Of course, he'd have to be a black cygnus. And while it's not the easiest name to call a pup, for right now it's stuck.

So meet Cygnus.

Or, to the five year old, Cygnus Twinkling Star of the Midnight Sky. That's what she calls him. She's never done saying his name by the time he's made it over to her.

Or, to the two year old, Foo Foo.

We're all twitterpated. Except for my husband. He doesn't get twitterpated. But this pup has been declared "a good dog." That'll do.


Michelle said...

Hey, I can fix your photo in just wink. Send me the file over email, and I can fix it and send it right back! He's an adorable puppy. Too bad they don't stay little like that!

Joy said...

He is the CUTEST thing! My kids would be green-eyed with envy if they saw him. :)

catcreek said...

What huge paws! He's adorable!

Stephanie said...


I was thinking that it was brave to look for a dog right before you move - but I'm an idiot, and it's not so unreasonable when you're looking for a place and you have
and chickens
and goats
and horses...


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awwwwww, Cygnus-Twinkling-Star-of-the-Midnight-Sky-Foo-Foo is beautiful! The shots of him running are hilarious - his ears are almost as big as his entire body! :-)
Good doggy!!

Cindy said...

Also... I noticed he is in the HOUSE! How long is that going to last? :-)