Friday, April 3, 2009

Cabin fever begets floury fun.

They say it's spring. And so it is. I've always associated spring with growth and warmth coming smoothly in after winter. Now I've started to accept that spring comes in more like my children's teeth, popping in and out a few times before it actually decides to stay, causing fevers, sleeplessness, and crankiness until it's here for good.

Today was our fourth straight day of cold and wind with house-bound children, so it was a busy day trying to dispel the energy that builds up in those situations. Making play-dough was on the list. It takes a lot of powerful kneading to get a smooth play-dough with good color.

They had a lot of fun. Take note of the flour bucket to the left there.

No explanation necessary for this picture. They had a lot of fun.

Between this fun, the Choconut Chip Cookies, the hot dog roasting, and the Dressing of the Lambs, it was a wonderful, memorable day.


Mon said...

That's a perfect analogy for what Spring is up across the N hemisphere! Exactly like teething. lol

SE'LAH... said...

Wonderful fun. I love it.

I love your spirit.

Have a Conscious Friday.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh dear...I saw the title for this post and, for a moment, wasn't sure I could read it. You see, I have FOF (fear of flour). Why flour? I have no clue. But you know in movies when, for a humorous moment, everyone throws flour at each other and laughs about it? I don't laugh. I never laugh. I shudder. All I see is the tremendous mess that *someone* is going to have to clean up.
You are a very patient mama! The flour would've totally sent me over the edge. :-)
Hope that wind dies down for you guys soon. My other fear is sticky syrup. I'm afraid you're going to post about that next. tee hee

Joy said...

Looks like they did a great job with the playdough. Such fun colors! I love Hannah's flour covered face. She definitely was into her job, wasn't she. :)

Rinnyboo said...

Hey Sarah,

I am commenting in the wrong spot I know, but I would like to play Snapshot Sunday with you. I got here from Stephanie at OLM. Here's my blog: