Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dumb and Relatives

Mother: We can go to the store, but first we need to feed the animals.
Hannah: (with great frustration) I want to go to the store first. Animals are DUMB!
M: Really?
H: (backtracking quickly) Well, I'm not saying their hair is dumb or their bodies are dumb, but they can't use their voices to talk, so they're definitely dumb.

Times like this are when you're glad you taught your kid different meanings for one word. You get to laugh inside.

Ainsley has a mini-obsession with her AuntRia. Seriously lurves her. We've been getting some great stuff out of this. When trying to explain the word 'trust' to Hannah, I hear Ains pipe up from her car seat "I TRUST AUNTRIA!" Or when discussing the best way to fix Hannah's hair, we'll hear Ains yell from the hallway "AUNTRIA'S HAIR PITTTTTY! DO AUNTRIA'S HAIR!" Or if a tractor is driving up the farm road, Ains will bounce at the window yelling "AUNTRIA'S COMING, AUNTRIA'S COMING!!!" AuntRia, she heard you say you were coming to visit. Will you come visit already? Thank you.


Stephanie said...

Do all of your visitors arrive by tractor???


SE'LAH... said...

That is way cool. I am going to visit the UK soon...I wonder if that's where I am supposed to be?

Love your way of life!

Joy said...

I love Hannah's logic. So cute!

sunnymama said...

How could Aunt Ria resist a visit now :) Love the 'Hannism' too, thats funny!

Tuan's Princess said...

Dear Ainsley,

I do often get asked where my left hand is. When we come visit I will tell you the very dramatic story of how I lost it. (Think crocodile!)

Dear Sarah - I didn't realize I was so unphotogenic - yikes! And apparently vain! lol

Darcel said...

Both stories are too cute! Love the pic of you and your daughter.

p.s. I don't know how my profile ended up on your follower list twice. I'm trying to fix that :)

Mon said...

Oh that's funny. It's wonderful for all of you that you have relatives you lurve.