Monday, April 20, 2009


Hannah: (asking her father to help her down the stairs to the basement) "Father, catch me before I tumble head over petticoats."
One of my husband's favorite games is trying to figure out where she learned all of her sayings from - this one was from one of the leprechaun books.

Hannah: "Mother, you're such a nice mother that I've decided to let you help me find my husband when I'm older."

Heh. My plan is working out perfectly.

The girls found our last jar of jumbo olives from our winter recipe project. Have you never found a need for jumbo olives? Now you have.

Hannah: (in a huff after apparently having had a disagreement with her sister) "It's really hard not to call people dummies sometimes, isn't it, Mother?"

Oh, sweetie, that never gets any easier.

Matt was singing Island Princess karaoke with the girls the other night. He was singing the prince's part when Hannah told him he was 'not quite right'. "Oh, I know", says he, "I need to practice a lot if I'm going to be a prince." "But you can't be a prince," says his little girl, "because Sarah's not a princess and if you become a prince you can't be married to her."


Marcie said...

You're posts always make me laugh! Out loud! :)

Lynna said...

I love reading your stuff!! It makes me want to come learn from you!! Your girls are the best!

Stephanie said...

"Head over petticoats".

So glad to hear you get to pick her husband! Nice going. :)

Katey said...

I have a picture of E with black olive fingers! We open a can every time it's pizza night, as an "appetizer." They always go on the fingers! I can't think of a more fun way to eat them.

Michael said...

You better write down that "You can pick my husband" thing. You'll want that as evidence in the future.

kath001 said...

These are great! Don't you just love the things they come up with?

Thanks for visiting over at my blog...I'm glad I visited back...'cause these put a smile on my face. :)