Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More birding...

The book goes with us everywhere now. It's wonderful, really, to connect with a part of the world that you've taken for granted before, that you've allowed to flit around in your peripheral vision but never really notice. And it's wonderful to watch your little girls doing the same thing.

We see birds. Everywhere. So the book comes with us everywhere.

In Wyoming at Grandma and Poppa's house, we see birds more anxious for spring than even we are.

Sandhill Cranes.
Canada Geese.
Crossing our driveway in front of our car, Hannah squeals to stop because she's seen a 'new bird'. A Killdeer. That one's fun to talk about.

In a nearby farmer's fields that are being flood-irrigated, we chance on two more varieties.

Mallard ducks.
Spotted Sandpiper? Closest we could find in the book.

Then we go to 'the big city' and see a House Sparrow in front of the toy store.

We're still in the crush phase of this obsession. We're still easily identifying and finding new birds. We have yet to hit the 'I know all the common birds and we'll *never* find the other birds' hump. Right now it's pure excitement every time we see a bird. And that's fun.

I would love to have an experience like this with my girls. Having a birding mentor would be wonderful.

How we got started.

Other birds we've seen.


Anonymous said...

Interesting seeing the Canada Geeese there... They're back in our area. (And we have no snow left.)

They're in the fields and if you approach, they'll take of, hundreds of them, all at once. Boy, are they ever noisy things!

Gina said...

Wonderful, we love spotting birds too :)

Darcel said...

Very cool! Ava loves birds too.

Stephanie said...

Daddy's a bird guy, so we have our own, "Oh, look at that!!" everywhere we go.
I have no idea how he can tell what kind of hawk it is from two miles up in the sky, :), but there you have it.

We love traveling into the wetlands and seeing birds we don't see at home or in the mountains.