Monday, April 27, 2009


People you should know about.

Nikola Tesla (you will never look at Thomas Edison in the same way)

Art you should see.

A man's beautiful slideshow tribute to his father.

Websites that will rock your world.

Nikon's Universcale.

The unusual.

The woman with a real imaginary arm.

Beautiful science.

Hubble images.


Anonymous said...

we just looked at a youtube video on Tesla 2 nights ago, no joke. So fascinating, but so unknown!

Sarah said...

That is so random! I should go look on YouTube. I've been fascinated with this man's story since I heard about him. Not just about who he is, but why such a man is not better known.

I also find it fascinating - and a bit disturbing - that the fact that so many of the most influential and prolific artists, scientists, mathmaticians, etc, had learning, emotional, or mental issues (these three things being very different from each other) and yet those are never discussed. That's sad since so many kids could really benefit from the knowledge of the struggles that these people had.