Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farmgirl ABCs.

So awhile back, Steph posted this amazing post. Take a few minutes to click over and look at it - it will rock your world.

When I saw that post, I thought "How cool." ... ... That was it. I never thought of doing it myself, that's for sure. I don't have her eye for seeing detail and pulling it out.

But then yesterday I looked up in the sky and saw this -

I've never seen plane trails cross just so before and I thought "That's a cool 'X'" and took a picture. Then I turned 45 degrees to the right and saw this -

30 degrees to the right of *that* was this -

so I wasn't getting a total 'wildlife/nature' theme as Steph had. She saw details, I saw the ones that smacked me in the face. But I was suddenly inspired to try to find the whole alphabet. So throughout the rest of the day, I walked around with a camera taking pictures of letters around my farm (and some of my neighbor's machinery that's parked on our boundary).

Some were surprisingly easy (Q), some were ridiculously easy (how many Os do you think you'll find on a farm, hmm?), and some were very, very difficult (R and G).

When Hannah noticed what I was doing, she asked to help, so I put her on charting duty. Thus was born an unlooked for 'lesson' in letters - especially the obscure letters that she rarely has an opportunity to use, much less seek out in farm machinery. As part of her job, she would tell me which letters on the list we still needed to find, help look for them in our life, and cross them off when we found them. By the time we got done, she could write any letter in the alphabet without hesitating.

She had so much fun trying to find the letters, that she set a lot of letters up (none of which ended up in the 'official list' - those are all 'as found' shots - but some of which ended up in the 'alternate' shots) and she really got a kick out of trying to find letters in the animals, some of those shots ended up in the official list, some very silly ones ended up in the 'alternate' list.

By the way, do you have any idea how frustrating it is when your pen won't work?

The pictures are not totally unaltered - I had to rotate a few to make the letters stand out. This activity was the most fun I've had when looking at my place. For hours after we got done, I was seeing letters *everywhere*.

Now I'm having visions of creating an alphabet panel made up of these on my wall.

So head over to my farming blog for my Farmgirl's ABCs. Please! And enjoy!


Joy said...

That's SO cool, Sarah. What a fun thing for Hannah to help with. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

This is an amazingly clever and fun lesson. Hannah is never going to forget this stuff, you know. The memories that you guys are making at the same time you are teaching her the letters will last a lifetime.