Monday, April 20, 2009

Today we...

ran ourselves ragged having fun.

We're supposed to get another bout of colder weather in a few days, so we're making the most of this warm spell.

First things first, fill up the pool so that the cold well water will be warm by afternoon.

(Please don't tell her that's not a pool. I think Hannah's figured it out, but Ains is still thrilled with her little 'pool'.)

Hannah and I stopped to look at birds in our huge pine tree.

House Finch.
European Starling. (This is really a European bird. It was introduced to NYC in the late 1800s and spread over the country from there. Very aggressive, dominating bird. Aren't field guides great?)
I think this is a Chipping Sparrow, though I'm willing to be convinced otherwise. It doesn't match the description of any of the chickadees in the field guide, but it doesn't have obvious white eyebrows as Chipping Sparrows do, either...

Ains thought we were boring, so she went and got 'Oreo', the kitten that Hannah and she are trying to convince their father needs to become a house cat.

Then the girls went to check on the new babies, Katrina and Karl.
We said hello to the pony...

and then went back to the house. While I worked on packing boxes in the bunkhouse, the kids played outside.

As I said, Hannah seems to think our 'pool' is boring (can't imagine why), so she went to go see if the irrigation canal had water yet. No luck.

But look what we did find...

The canal headgate has lots of these little creatures swimming around when the canal's full of water. We've never thought to look for their shells when it was dried up, but today we did. They're now on our Very Precious Things table.

I love how both of Ains' feet are off the ground in this picture.

Then lunch on the porch for some, naps for others, reading 'Pippi WalkingStocking' (Ains' title), playing with the 'new' toys discovered while reorganizing boxes, watching the hippo and dog sing 'In the Jungle' on YouTube, dancing, and eating oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies.

Hannah and I worked on a really fun letter project which I'll post later while Ains followed us around with the pony's halter saying 'Ride Pincess! Ride PINcess. RIDE PINCESSSSS!' Grayson thought her hilarious, which made her think she was, in fact, hilarious, so she amped it up for him. She was, in fact, hilarious.

When Daddy got home, it was pony-riding time. Hannah worked on controlling the reins...

while Ains worked on leading. (That rope is headed right over to my hand. I was 'just holding it off the ground' for my independent little girl who would have not appreciated me holding it to help her keep the pony on the straight and narrow.)

We went for an hour long ride (good exercise for us leaders), then home again, home again, jiggety-jig, dinner, and both girls passed out on the couches while watching Island Princess karaoke.

We done good.


Stephanie said...

I lovelovelove the days when we fall into bed smiling and exhausted.

Well - [grin] there are lots of different kinds of days that I love - but that's one of them!! lol

denise said...

Wow - that looks like a wonderful day! :)

Annie said...

What did the Chipping Sparrow sound like? If it was one it would sound like a fast, dull, mechanical trill- almost like a cell phone ringing. It looked like on in your picture.

I love all the things you can do around there! Thanks for sharing!

Kyre said...

I am so jealous of the ponies. I would have killed for that as a little girl! And I can't believe how much Grayson looks like his sisters (specifically a blond Ainsley with Hannah's eyes).

Sarah said...

annie - that's exactly what it sounded like. thank you!