Monday, April 27, 2009

Violet tea, tigers and butterflies.

We had a lovely day today. We looked for these in our yard ...

collected leaves and flowers, and made violet tea.

We really enjoyed it. It looked and tasted just as described on 5 Orange Potatoes.

Then, since I had some necessary computer work to do (reprinting my entire much-used recipe collection binder - don't ask), I set the girls up with painting on the table beside me.

First, suncatchers.

That went fast.

Then really inexpensive little animals from the craft store. Four for each girl - horses, monkeys, tigers, and elephants. That should have kept them busy for awhile, and it did. Twenty whole minutes.

So I gave up on the computer work and we went to the park.

As I said, lovely day.


Stephanie said...

Usually I barely get the paints all out and I hear "I'm done!!" as I'm reaching the last thing I need for a proper set-up.


park sounds good.
when's the warm weather coming again?

Joy said...

We've gotten those same animals before. My kids really enjoyed painting and since they're older and wanted to make them perfect, it lasted a bit longer. We still need to try the violet tea. Thanks for the reminder.