Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We got a Chihuahua.

We were at Wal-Mart and Hannah saw some dog outfits. Chihuahua dog outfits. Jackets, track suits, sweaters, pants, and the ultimate - a pink and orange frilly swimsuit. I kid you not.

So began the "I want a Chihuahua" begging. It lasted all the way down the aisle. "No, your father hates tiny dogs." All the way back to diapers. "I'm sorry sweetie, but we can't just get a dog so that you can dress it in cute clothes." All the way to the checkout. "No. We aren't going to get a Chihuahua." All the way to the car. "Talk to your father." All the way home. "Look, I *know* you want to dress a puppy in a swimsuit. Why don't I get your swimsuits out and you girls can pretend you're at the beach? Good? OK. Here they are."

Ten minutes later -

"Are you girls having fun in the tub?"
H- "Mother, she's not a girl, she's my Chihuahua. See? She's in a pink and orange swimsuit. And she's so cute. She's so tiny, she fits right into my lap."
A - "Yah. Me WAHWAH!!"

OK then.

We have company for about a week - my cousin's daughter. Very cool girl. See what homeschooling allows? You get to go spend a week on a farm! Sure, you don't get to go outside because it's so cold and the wind's blowing 50 mph, but it's a farm! So you do what you have to do to stay entertained in the house.

One of those things today was to make fabric shopping bags. We got everything out and set to work cutting out the bags. The girls got bored and started playing with scraps. The puppy got bored and chewed through the sewing machine cord that I had thoughtlessly left laying on the ground. Luckily I hadn't attached it to either the sewing machine or the outlet, so he didn't pull a machine off the table or fry himself. Stay tuned for how on earth I'm going to get these bags finished now...

Back to our guest. She took some scraps, some safety pins, and some ribbon and set to work.

After trying to make skirts, capes, and headbands, she finally hit the jackpot with aprons. The mother of invention truly is boredom.


Anonymous said...

That is way cool. You have got the cutest kids and man Matt has changed alot. You look really good take care and talk to ya later

Joy said...

That's excellent! The girls look so pleased with their aprons. What a great cousin they have. :)

Gina said...

LOL, this made me laugh as Tarka is usally a dog called Scamp while Mia is a kitten called Nemo ...I am always getting told off for forgetting!

Gina xx

Cindy said...

Cute aprons! Way to go Jess!

sunnymama said...

Cool aprons! I love the fabric.