Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And breathe...

On Monday we were able to get confirmation on our move. We'll be moving within a mile of my husband's job and (hopefully) selling this house. This is a good move for so many reasons and a sad move for several other reasons.

What this has meant on the home front though, since the best time to sell houses is spring, is that we have to get this house cleaned out fast. Very fast. Add to that a massive sewing project that needs to be completed and you have a recipe for ... well, it's been hectic around here.

Some frustration, some fun, some boredom, some ingenuity, some forgiveness, some patience, some long bouts of giggling, some reading, some just hanging in there.

Playing with magical creatures.

Gathering eggs, playing with kittens, throwing toys for the puppy.

Red Fish and My Little Pony.

Trying on mommy's boots -

and even making it a few feet.

Pirate movies. (we have pirates living here now, dontchaknow)

Lots of bath play (too windy outside for pools).

Embroidery while mother sews.

A trip to the big city for needed supplies, with a stop in to see a cousin.

Other cousins visit us here.

Making art ('tis what we're calling any messes that involve any type of arty supplies these days).

Collecting flowers, squealing over new birds.

Eating rhubarb.

Breakfast this morning, and we start all over.

I may need to do dishes today.


sunnymama said...

Love the picture of your daughter wearing your boots!

Garrison Family said...

okay so i want more information on the move?????

Darcel said...

Congratulations on the move. I know how stressful moving is. Best wishes to you and your family.
Love all the pics!

Tuan's Princess said...

ahh - dishes. I hate having to do dishes.

BTW - LOVE the pic of them riding their bikes!

Joy said...

keep breathing!! What a day! Good luck with the move!

Marcie said...

Fun pictures! You are moving! I bet it will be nice to be closer for Matt and nice for you and the kids to have him home more. Good luck!

Rana said...


Hope the move goes well. Great pictures!

Thanks for joining my blog.


Cindy said...

Good luck getting the house ready to sell! Wish I was closer and could help!

Lynna said...

Where are you moving to?? You mentioned Texas before -

SE'LAH... said...

Hope the move and the sale goes well. Sending positive vibes your way.

Always enjoy visiting your spot.

Lovely captures.

Lisa said...

that rhubarb shot is hilarious and i love the shot of the three little ones going down the drive. Looks like a great day.