Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day

I couldn't get these up last night because Father came home and introduced his daughters to The Three Stooges on Hulu and there went the computer for the rest of the night. Lots and lots of hysterical giggling from the computer desk, though.

We made baskets and tissue flowers for May Day. We do not have anywhere near enough live flowers for baskets. Blurgh.

The tissue flowers required tissue squares being layered and then folded accordion style. It was one of those "Oh, you're getting so big" moments when Hannah watched the video and made the flower all by herself.

Ainsley also wanted to do it by herself, which meant the squares of tissue paper got rolled into a tube, crumpled, put on the chenille stem and stuffed in her basket. They were recognizable and darling.

Grayson chewed on stuff.

Then we gathered our baskets and visited neighbors. It's pretty hard in the country to be sneaky about hanging baskets and running. You have to drive half a mile up their driveway. They have to play along a lot. And they did. It was a lot of fun to sneak with the girls. One older lady (about 83 years old) heard the girls giggling around the corner and snuck up on them. She told them that if they got caught, she got to kiss them. They now want every day of May to be May Day.


Stephanie said...

What a fantastic idea!!
We'll have to do that next year!

Sarah said...

Steph, it is so much fun. It is one of the few traditions my family had growing up. You hang the baskets on the door, ring the doorbell and hide. The game is that you have to be close enough to hear them (or see them if you're *really* good) but not have them see you.

Cindy said...

If I remember right, we got in trouble one year for picking someone's daffodils, putting them in our cone shaped paper basket, and then hiding and waiting for them to answer the door. I think I remember this so well, because the kind old lady who answered the door was definitely NOT delighted. LOL

Anonymous said...

How cute is that.... You are so good at activities for the kids.