Saturday, May 2, 2009

Puppet theatre.

In all of my decluttering/packing I came across a stash of puppets.

I collect puppets wherever I can find them - yard sales, thrift stores, dollar stores - because they are so expensive. The wolf and owl you'll see featured below are thrift store finds - they're actually golf club covers.

I've had a few puppets out, but the girls have showed no interest in them. This infusion of new blood, puppets they didn't remember seeing before, was all they needed to get going. Especially my little story-teller. I'll walk you through it.

H: "Open curtain! A dog is walking down the street when he sees a wolf come towards him." (I love Ainsley's face in this picture.)

"The dog says GO AWAY, THIS IS DOG TOWN!"





Oh, dear. This is getting out of hand. We may need an outsider to help out here.


H: "Close curtain."


Cindy said...

LOL. I could hear it from here! Awesome show!

SE'LAH... said...

Looks like such fun...I love it.