Monday, May 4, 2009

Raspberry filled donuts, courtesy of Father. At 6:30 in the morning.

Taping up, labeling, and moving the last of the (seemingly never-ending) boxes of books. All are in Library Thing now! My id there is ReadingNiamh if you want to scope out my library.

Digging and hoeing in the little garden. Mother does chores. It's so nice to have the kids to occasionally be able to be outside with me while I chore now. Can't wait until summer when we're only inside to escape the heat.

Rediscovering a forgotten toolbox.

Having a tea party. (Do you have Jones Soda where you are? Fantastic stuff.)

Oatmeal and bacon.

Card games.

Drinking flowers. (Better than eating out of toilets.)

Hello Kitty.

Sweeping and laundry for Mother, kittens for the littles.

Dandelions, rolypolys, digging, exploring.

Dancing, spinning, tutu-flipping.

And it's barely noon. This is what happens when the day starts at 6:30 with raspberry filled donuts. Beautiful.

An OLM inspired post. These are good every so often to recognize the OLM in your own daily life.


Stephanie said...

That made me laugh- "This is what happens when the day starts at 6:30 with raspberry filled donuts. Beautiful."

Every day should be so sparkly and raspberry-filled!

Stephanie said...

Oh - and my head was spinnin' when I read all that this morning.

And before noon!!

sunnymama said...

Ah, I must start a day with raspberry filled donuts soon!

Simply Stork said...

my goodness...if only I had that much energy...{{sigh}} what fun!


SE'LAH... said...

Donuts are tastes so good and are so bad for you. Momentary weakness. Don't tell anyone I ran out to get one.

Great pix and post.

One Love.