Friday, May 1, 2009

Treasure hunt.

Matt hid candy around the property and then made a treasure map for the girls to follow. They were thrilled - especially Ainsley who constantly carries around a rolled-up 'teasure map' (a bamboo place mat).

It's not often me *not* taking the pictures, so I thought I'd throw this one in. Because.

And they're off.

Around the bunkhouse.

After a long, dangerous trek around trees, through a garden, and past a frisky puppy, we got to Ainsley's candy.

Then off again, past many more obstacles.

Then Hannah's candy. In a tree!

Pretty straightforward from there to Mother's candy. The man knows me.


sunnymama said...

That looks fun! How cute that Ainsley is carrying around his own 'teasure map' now :)

Joy said...

Awww...what fun! I used to LOVE treasure hunts. :)

Stephanie said...

This is a fabulous idea!!

Hmmm... I wonder if my babes would like it?

[rolls eyes]

Marcie said...

Sweet idea Matt! haha no pun intended :)

Sarah said...

I dunno, Steph. Your kids don't seem too adventurous....


SE'LAH... said...

Treasure maps are wonderful, aren't they? Simply lovely.