Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Our move sped up unexpectedly with the availability of my father to help move the 'big stuff' (which quickly turned into 'everything in the house') over the weekend.

This has made my internet access patchy as we're not set up here at the new place until June 8. Posting will be sporadic for a few weeks. Also, I've added two new links to Snapshot Sunday, so check those out.

The birding here has been a bit more ... in your face than at the other place. Ainsley walked out on the porch yesterday morning and left the sliding door open about a foot. Hannah, who was sleeping on the couch, woke up to a barn swallow flying over her head. She had a smile on her face all day and Ains was thrilled because she got to use her bug net to catch the bird and put it back outside. Catching it wasn't hard - we just stuck the net over the bird as it sat at the window.

Later in the day we went into the pasture to measure out Hannah's running track and saw some killdeers running around yelling at the dog. I thought that we might be lucky enough to see them playing at having a broken wing and sure enough, they did. Then I turned around and saw the cutest thing - about five little baby killdeers running around in the grass. Five inches tall, four of those inches legs. We called Cygnus back and got out of there before he saw them. I need to try to get a picture of them. Soooo cute.

We've also gotten to see American Avocets at a little pond near here. I wish that I had the ability to easily add pictures from this computer. One more thing to figure out in the next few weeks.


Joy said...

You'll definitely have to take some photos of those baby killdeers. I'll bet they're adorable! Good luck with the moving. :)

Stephanie said...

Are you guys buying a new property, or are you renting 'til yours is sold?

Happy thing about the birds... yay!
four inches of legs sounds like Peep.

Enjoy the moving.
I guess. :/

:) Steph xx

Cindy said...

I'm glad you were able to get moved so quickly! It will be good to get the other house on the market earlier. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Sarah said...

I'm going to try, Joy. They *are* adorable.

Steph, we've moved onto company property, so we don't pay rent here. While it will suck not being an 'owner' any more, this has several benefits, one being that if my husband finds a new job, we won't have to worry about selling a place, we'll just be able to pick up and move.

Now that you mention it, that is a lot like Peep! lol