Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art with flowers and fabric.

Before we moved, we made flower art with flowers and grasses from our property. I got the idea from OLM. Of course. She's full of lovely ideas.

We gathered up the necessary collecting receptacles. A bug net for Ainser...

and a basket for Hannah.

Then we filled the basket full of flowers and grasses and leaves.

The bug net got filled with chicken eggs.

Then we laid a piece of linen down on some cardboard, arranged the pretties on top, covered them with another piece of linen, and the girls took turns hammering.

I couldn't get pictures of their 'flower paintings' because they've carried them with them in their backpacks since we made them and... I'm afraid I can't find their backpacks. I know they're around somewhere. Maybe the car? Or the kitchen? Or under boxes in the craft room? I dunno.

Anyway, here's the one that they helped me arrange and make.

It's sitting in my 'to do' pile in the craft room. I was just going to put it in a frame and put it in their room, but it's calling to me. I'm thinking maybe I'll embroider to clarify and add detail? Not much, just a bit. I'm still thinking on it.


Amber said...

Oh what a beautiful blog. Just lovely..xx

Stephanie said...

It's beautiful!
The highest one looks like a butterfly flying over a meadow of flowers to me.
Yeah, I felt that way, too - maybe an outside border, or something, I thought.

Thanks so much for the nice words, friend - you're always doing that. xx

Hey... I've been meaning to ask you... so your animals come to the new property with you? There's a home for them, too?

Stephanie said...

Oh, wait-- doing this with plants and flowers from your old home was a brilliant idea! A lovely tribute!

Darcel said...

Very cute. Looks like your settling in well.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Amber!

Darcel, it's gone well so far. Pretty smooth.

Stephanie, we do get to have the animals here. It's what's kept us from moving onto company property for the last few years - they would promise us land, then take it away right before we were ready to move. Since it is apparent to both my husband and myself that neither of us would be easily content without animals, we've kept turning them down.

This time we got the land (although they did take away fifteen of the promised twenty acres right before the move), so here we are. It's a few acres less than we had at our old place, but it's all pasture where our old place was mostly feedlot, so that's good.

Tuan's Princess said...

I love it! Will you share your tips and pointers with me?