Friday, June 19, 2009

Just an Ordinary day.

I wrote this on Friday but must have hit 'save' instead of 'publish'. It is a post that I do indeed want to save, to remind me of the daily minutia that is easily forgotten, so here it is.

Woke up early to a baby throwing up. Got him fixed up and up, back to sleep. Woke up thirty minutes later to a baby pulling my hair. Stayed up.

Cuddled with a sleepy toddler who wasn't ready to wake up but got the same hair treatment that I did. Pukey baby rolled around on the floor giggling at his toes. Hilarious, they were.

Made little pancakes. Gave over pancake job to five-year-old who "is old enough by now to do pancakes, Mother. Obviously."

Called sister-in-law to tell her our plans to play would have to be postponed due to illness. Bummer.

Did chicken and goat chores. Started planting in the Butterfly Garden. Stopped because it was too hot and baby wouldn't stay in the shade or in his hat.

Came inside and started pulling together the supplies for making flower presses while the girls played My Little Pony and Dragon Sticker Book.

Realized I needed to cut the boards and sand them still - nothing to do that with. Told the girls we needed to head to the store (Ains was fine with that - she'd been asking for candy for an hour or so), but Hannah had the idea of just marking where the boards would be cut and decorating the boards now. Good enough.

After some decoration, off to the store for candy and supplies. Or necessary items and supplies. It's all in the words you choose.

Grayson fell asleep on the way home and the weather got windy and cloudy, the best I was going to get today for planting, so more flowers went in. I hope *something* grows.

Now Grayson's awake and we're off to see Daddy at work.

Totally ordinary.

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