Friday, June 12, 2009

Poodles, the 18th century, and magpies.

-Ainsley asked me to put this hat (scroll down to the debutante picture) - all pink and fur and ribbons - on Cygnus. I did and between giggles she said "He looks like a poodle!" It made me laugh because I don't think she's ever in her two-and-a-half years on this earth seen a real live poodle. She recently asked for a poodle book from the library and she went through it, but I don't recall more than a few of the poodles in the book being dressed up fancy.

-Every so often, Hannah says something that even I don't know where she got it from. The other day, Ainsley came into the bathroom where Hannah and I were, grabbed some bracelets and put them on. Hannah looked at them, noticed that the pink bracelet was not the closest to Ainsley's wrist, and decided to help her out with some fashion advice. "Ainsley," says she, "are you stuck in the Eighteenth Century or something? The pink goes in front."

Ainsley responded with her usual impertuable "Oh. Otay, Hannah." and moved the bracelet while I just stared at Hannah. "Where did you learn that, Hannah?" "I don't know. It's just in my brain." Fair enough. Luckily, Matt knew where she'd heard it. They'd watched some Duck Tales episodes on YouTube and the Eighteenth Century featured prominently in one of them. Random.

-Ainsley's at the cute stage where words that are similar get used in place of each other. Example: Killdeer becomes John Deere. As in "Mommy me just saw a John Deere! It was peetending to be boken!"

Or Rhubarb Pie becomes Magpie. As in "Mommy are you making magpie again?" (Actually, 'magpie' is quite common around here since it's Ains' current favorite word and insult. You get her frustrated and you're likely to hear "You .... you .... MAGPIE!")

-Hannah insists that Grayson's first word is 'Hannah'. She could be right. He says 'NAnnah!" clearly and frequently when he looks at her. He also says it clearly and frequently when he's looking at cats, dogs, birds, flowers, the sandbox, the bikes, and horse poo. But Hannah believes it's her name, so sibling rivalry has kicked in. Every time Gray says "NAnnah!", Ains gets right in his face and starts chanting "AINSley. AINSley!" She does this so much that if he were a parrot, he'd be repeating her name by now. In fact, I'm surprised that the local crows aren't flying around cawing "AINSley. AINSley!"


SE'LAH... said...

Wow...they are quite young to have a rivalry. In the end, their love for each other will prevail.

have a great weekend.

Joy said...

Love all the little stories. Your kids are so cute. I can just see Ainsley getting in Grayson's face, "AINSley!" :)

Cindy said...

Too Cute! I'm guessing Ainsley cracks him up when she does her chant at him. I can see him doing it just to get her going.