Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

You wanted to see our toilet, right?

The after-effects of camping.

How it began.

Other snapshots -
Heart Rockin' Mama
Lovely Kyre


Joy said...

Your photos always make me smile. Of COURSE we wanted to see your toilet. ;)

Kristenph said...

Love the toilet!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad someone else can identify with my fabric saving problem :)

Kyre said...

Funky toilet! I've never seen one like that before. Not that I see a lot of toilets or anything. lol.

Our shots are up!

Green Mamma said...

How do I participate? Do I e-mail you that I've posted for Snapshot Sunday? I love this idea, btw.

Sarah said...

Green Mamma, just post your blog addy in the comments of Snapshot Sunday and I'll add you to the list!

You have a lovely blog.