Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some quick questions...

-What do I make with 'rib knit' fabric? Not that I have cute fabric in mind, or anything. Not that I could afford it if I did. *sigh* But what do I make with that type of fabric? And does it differ at all from a fabric simply labeled 'knit'?

-I want to make my girls some sun hats but can't find a pattern. I'd like one like this. Any ideas?

-When will I find time to get all of my projects done? Hmm?


Cindy said...

Not only can you buy that Amy Butler Pattern hat pattern here, but you can also read reviews and see photos from other people who have sewn it: . Awesome!

As far as rib knit, think tank tops or even floaty skirts if the fabric is lightweight enough. That fabric would make a great little spaghetti strap or tank top sundress. Also think of the possibility of a swimsuit cover-up to wear to the pool.

McCalls patterns go on sale for 99 cents starting this Thursday but I don't think they size many patterns for stretch knit. You'll have more luck with a pattern company like Jalie. You'll have to trace off their patterns, but when you purchase their pattern it comes in sizes child 2 all the way up to adult size 14! Here's a cute shirt variation that would work for your girls and for you and is sized for stretch knit:

I could go on and on. This is so fun for me!

You'll have to tell us what you decide!

Sarah said...

OK, I think I'll have to buy that Amy Butler pattern now. I've been drooling over it for a long time now. Those reviews are really helpful.

I want that bird fabric - I have the cutest little sundress pattern I could make with it.

I've never heard of Jalie - the patterns are really nice.

I'm so glad you answered! Next time I should just call you directly! lol

James & Jessi McCalvy said...

I have been wondering - how are your animals doing with your move? Did they all make it over? How about your running?

Simpson Home said...

So post photos of what you do make. I can hardly wait!

Sarah said...

Jessi, the animals are all here, except for two cats. One had to stay until her kittens were old enough to come out of their hiding spot and we left another to keep her company.

The goats, horses and cattle are here and are doing really well. We have so much more pasture here. It's one of the benefits.

I missed two weeks of running in the move. I'd work hard all day taking care of kids, animals, and setting up the new house, then Matt would come home and we'd run over to the other house and do necessary stuff over there until dark and three days would go by before I realized I hadn't run. When I started back up, it was not quite like starting from scratch, but I wasn't at the same level I'd been before the move. *sigh* But I'm doing better now and seem to be back on track.