Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today we...

played with watercolor pencils.

smiled so much the Mother melted into a pile of malleable goo.

had a huge mud fight and did a lot of gardening.

Ainsley saw a Bald Eagle sitting in the tree outside the bedroom window.
(that not so clear picture is of a robin not two feet away outside our window)

watched Horton Hears a Who

sang lots of songs. read lots of books. played with kittens.

made coffee filter hats.

played My Little Pony. read more books. crashed.

(This is actually a 'Yesterday we...' post, but dang Photobucket combined with my dang internet connection makes for a very frustrated blogger. I think my picture quotient is going to go down.)


Darcel said...

What fun! Love the coffee filter hats. Photobucket gives me problems sometimes too.

Hope said...

Looks like a wonderfully wonderful day!