Friday, June 12, 2009

What is that on your feet?

Remember me mentioning that we'd have spotty internet connectivity for a bit out here? Yeah.

On to happier subjects.

This evening, when Matt came home from work, I told him that Gray was asleep in the bedroom and that I was heading out to plant more sunflowers. I came back in an hour later and Matt was crashed so I headed to check on Gray.

I'd left the door to the bedroom open, but it was now shut (by Gray when he'd gotten up) and it was locked (likely from Ains playing with it). No problem. It was one of those doorknobs with a hole in the center, so you could easily unlock it by pushing a match in there. Or a skewer. Or a chopstick. Actually, none of those worked like they were supposed to.

After a few minutes of trying to open the door, I could hear Gray going from wanting to come out to fussing because he could hear me but couldn't see me. I got Matt and asked him to try. When he started trying, Gray started fussing louder, so I laid down to look under the door and try to get him to play with my fingers to distract him.

When I looked under the door I saw the cutest little baby feet walking back and forth. Dirty little baby feet. When had he gotten in mud? I didn't remember him being in mud before he went down for his nap.

Then he walked away from the door and I saw it. His diaper. Off and laying on the floor and poopy and he was walking through it. Then he turned and came back to the door. Through his diaper. I was narrating this to Matt who decided right about the time he heard "OMG, it's poop!" that that doorknob needed to come off.

While he unscrewed the doorknob, I got the bathtub running and as soon as Matt got the doorknob off, he was handing the babe to me to wash. Washing Gray was much faster than scrubbing the carpet. That kid covered a lot of ground in the room in a few minutes. Mud would have been easier.


se7en said...

As I read this my family is rushing to see what I am laughing at - I never laugh out loud!!! But this is one of those rather you than me moments... Funny in retrospect, vomitous in the present!

Joy said...

Sarah, that's hilarious! I'm sure it didn't feel like it when you were up to your elbows scrubbing poop off Grayson, but you'll be so glad you documented this when he's older. :) Pictures??

Sherry said...

Oh, no! What a mess! :o

Mama Teaching 2 said...

OH MY GOSH! WE had a poop incident sort of like this when my 10 year old was a baby. *shudder*

I didn't laugh about it until recently. LOL!

Sarah said...

Se7en, glad I could make you laugh! It was vomitous indeed.

Joy, no pictures. :( It shows how far I've come in my blogging mindset that that actually did cross my mind while I was filling the tub.

Sherry, it was such a mess. I forgot to mention the poop on the wall I had to clean up. Not much, but it was there. He'd lost his balance and fallen, catching himself with his hand landing in his diaper. When he stood back up, that hand went on the wall. In three years, that was my first poop on the wall.

MT2, that's funny that after 10 years you still remember it. I think it will be branded in my husband's memory forever.

The Magic Onions said...

LOL... seriously LOL!!! That is SO funny... one of those stories you think are REALLY funny when it happens to someone else! Shame... what a mess to clean up! Yuckerty Yuk! I noticed my little one VERY busy at the park the other day, working diligently at something. At closer inspection, it was chewing gum stuck to the bench... when I said 'ooh, yuck!' He said 'NUM!' (nice)! All in a day!

Tuan's Princess said...

Oh NO!!! I just - you are amazing!

Cindy said...

I can smell it from here. Cracks me up that Matt had to take the doorknob off to get to him though. I remember breaking tons of pencil leads in our OK house trying to open those locks.

Darcel said...

That is hilarious!!! I have had to clean up my share of those types of messes.