Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Errand day.

Today was designated as 'errand day'. You have to have a designated errand day when you live in the country. A day that is filled to the brim with hitting all of the stores 'in town' that you need to hit which takes strategic food/drink/entertainment/allowable treats planning on my part. It's an art and I'm a struggling artist.

It went more smoothly than I thought it would. After the first store we stopped and had a picnic at a really pretty cemetery. Did you know that cemeteries used to be the happenin' place for locals to gather and mingle over picnic lunches? That's just a little historical trivia for you. We go to cemeteries because Hannah absolutely loves reading the stones, finding out how old the people were, and imagining their lives. Sometimes crying over ones she finds especially touching. Her imagination and storytelling go into overdrive at a cemetery.

After lunch, we went to Shannon's Hair Dressing Emporium for Fairies and Princesses and Ainsley got her hair 'finished'. I'm sure some of you noticed her hair in this picture yesterday.

She thought it was time for a new hairstyle. When I asked her why she'd done it (she'd cut off most of the hair in the back of her head - a new one for me), she said "Me look pitty. Me cut off hair, look pitty, now nobody decognize me."

So Shannon did what she could, while reassuring Ains that she wasn't 'fixing' her hair, she was just 'finishing' it for her.

I tried to get a picture of it, but the girl rarely holds still.

It's short - very short - and it accentuates how similar she is to her daddy, but it still is not short enough to cover all of the 'damage'.

Shannon asked "Were you mad?" No, hair doesn't really bother me. If you experiment and it doesn't work, the hair will grow out or grow back or you can cut it again or dye it another color.

Once we'd finished the haircut it was time for my least favorite store to enter with kids - The WalMarts.

After thirty minutes of going up and down aisles, simultaneously trying to check things off my list and keep Grayson from throwing everything from the cart onto the floor, we got done and went to the checkout line. After thirty seconds of loading the contents of the cart onto the belt I realized that Grayson, king of unloading and loading, would happily do it for me so I stuck him in the back of the cart and set him to work.

It was a beautiful thing. For thirty seconds. Then he started throwing them out the other side of the cart onto the floor.

Meanwhile, the cashier saw the toilet brush that Gray had put on the belt and said to the girls "You're getting a toilet wand?" All Ainsley heard was 'wand'. Wand wand wand wand WAND!!! Wand. And so it was that the first Toilet Fairy was born.

I informed her when we got home that she was now the Toilet Fairy and as such was in charge of Toilet Scrubbing and General Bathroom Cleanliness. She informed me that "Me not Toilet Fairy! Me not scrub toilet or .... what you say, mommy?" General Bathroom Cleanliness. "Me not DO DAT!!! Me just fairy with wand." And off she danced.

After WalMart we met with our real estate agent, who I am more in love with every day (if all goes well, we are signing some Very Important Papers tomorrow), went grocery shopping, and bought chicken feed.

When we got home, the pool had warmed up nicely, so there was pool play - it's a daily occurence with this bigger pool.

View from outside the pool:

View from inside the pool:

While we were goofing off in the pool, Matt was mowing the lawn. He stopped the lawn mower right before he was going to run over this little guy:

Remember me telling you how cute these little buggers are (he's a baby Killdeer)? Oh, they're cute.

He found the momma (with a broken wing, natch) in the garden and set the baby down close enough for them to find each other. Ten seconds later, the momma's wing was healed and she had all of her babies herded to safety. I really need to do something about those weeds.

The house won't get cleaned tomorrow - we have plans.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Have you ever had one of those days?

One of those days that leaves you with a deeply contented feeling? I'll clean the house tomorrow.

Right this minute.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Snapshot Sunday 07-26-09

I'm sorry I missed last week's Snapshots. Back on the wagon this week. Leave a comment if you have one to add or if you want me to link to your Snapshots from last week.

(it becomes obvious what this is in the last picture)

This last picture has a funny story. Ainsley decided to cut the hair on her dolls, so after she was done I lined them up and took a picture. They look darling, I think, in their hip new haircuts. I especially like the topless Joan Jett mermaid, second from the left.

After I took the picture I left them there. When I walked back by later, I saw a new arrangement.

Oh my.

How it began.

West Coast Addict

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The last big unpacking project.

This stack of boxes.
All with this label on them.

You remember when my husband complained about us having this many books when we moved in?
Claimed that that was too many books and said that we needed to pare them down. At the time I remember being nervous about when we would move the 'real' stack of books.

Not to worry, though. I know I have a few relationship books in there somewhere.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What am I supposed to do with a child like this?

I am alternately bemused,

(With great power comes great responsibility)


twitterpated,bewitched, (hee)

and amused all over again.
Then, when I finally get a handle on her, along comes this one.

Now what am I supposed to do?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An errand filled day.

The day started out with a move - the caterpillar moved into our old triop container.

Then a trip to the library to drop books off ...

and pick new ones out.

Then to the fabric store for necessary supplies.

The boas were not necessary supplies.

A trip to an outdoor recreation supply store was in order. Very cool statue out front.

Inside the store, we went to price out camp stoves. We saw a lot of stuff on the way.

Disturbing stuff.

Really? A giraffe?

See, I try to rationalize it. "At least they probably used the meat." Not likely on a giraffe, but possible. Helps me sleep at night.

Then I get to these little guys.

Literally, very little guys. The necks on those are no longer or thicker than my upper arm. Barely enough meat on their whole bodies for a single kebab.

I had to distract myself, so I asked Hannah what she was looking at.

"Big knives, Mother. With weird handles." Yeah, the handles were made of badger jaws - with teeth still intact. Doesn't seem like a real comfortable knife to use.

Another try at distracting myself -

That's much better. Fantastic wine bottle holder. Gave me a fit of giggles.