Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The best part of the day.

This is one of those days where I'm afraid your interest will wane because, well, we went to the park.

How many park pictures do you want to look at?

You're probably there with your kids every other day and if you've seen one park, you've seen them all.

But stay tuned, because this little guy made a break-through today.

First, I want to tell you about this girl - we'll call her Ariel.

We were at a park one day and Ainsley - who is notoriously aloof around new kids - and most kids she's met many times - immediately started playing with her. They ran around that playground giggling, holding hands, and jabbering to each other, not seeming to mind that one was jabbering in Spanish and the other in English. When Ariel and her parents started to leave I ran over and gave them my phone number explaining that my daughter really doesn't take to a lot of kids and I would love it if they could call next time they came to the park.

Luckily, they did, and we've been slowly building a friendship. All of us.

When we go back to the town we used to live in (tonight it was for some lawn work at the old house), we call and meet up to play.

Last time they visited our new house, I gave them some banana bread (I was trying a new recipe from A Homemade Life) and it was so good that Ariel's mom asked for the recipe. Today when I handed her the recipe, she handed me a plate with four pieces of 'Mexican custard' on it. Oh, it was so good. Hannah ate one piece, I ate one, Ainsley tried a bite and didn't like the texture. I gave Grayson a few spoonfuls and he seemed to like it ok. I wanted to talk to Ariel's mom, so I gave him the spoon and he started doing this -

Then I got distracted talking and he dropped the spoon - I think it was slowing him down -and started taking handfuls. By the time I regained control of the plate, there was only a quarter of a piece left and his hands and face were very, very sticky.

Now, about Grayson's breakthrough. Do you remember this? The passive-resistance-I-hate-swinging-and-you-can't-swing-me-if-I-just-hang-here pose?

Oh, yes. That was so last week.

This week, with the discovery of big kid swings, the world's looking very, very different.

What a change. He watched the girls climb onto the swings and tried to climb on one himself, so I put him up there and started swinging him. Fifteen minutes he swung there before I tried to take him off. Then he made a noise that made me stick him right back on for another five minutes until he was ready to go. He was in heaven. Explain that to me.

Of course, it could just have been that his hands were so sticky that he couldn't let go.

So the most exciting part of the day for Ains was getting to play with her friend, the most exciting part for Gray was either discovering Mexican custard or discovering that big kid swings are the best things ever, but the most exciting part of the day for Hannah was discovering a real, no kidding, honest-to-Murgatroyd, ain't no one foolin' here fairy ring.

It was on the lawn and it was very unusual. A complete, perfectly shaped circle with mushrooms (maybe toadstools?) all around the edges with none inside or outside the edge of the circle. Fairies certainly danced here last night.

Oh, yes, Magic entered her life today. This was almost as good as seeing a real fairy. She's a believer, my girl.

So it was just another ordinary day at the park.

If you believe in ordinary days, that is.

I'm glad you let me tell you about it.

Sweet dreams.


Katey said...

That looked like such fun! You know what cracks me up? K still asks to get into the baby swings when we're at the park (at age 5) but there's Grayson who is just way too cool for the baby swing, swinging there with the big kids. I'm glad Ainsley has made a friend and how cool that Hannah found a fairy circle!

Buttongirl said...

I love your kids!

I saw my first fairy circle ever a couple of weekends ago at a neighbourhood park, too. There were at least a dozen of them, from a foot in diameter to over 6 feet in diameter. Really cool. I had no idea!

Stephanie said...

Awesome! I was going to ask if there were mushrooms!!
That is so cool.
I'll bet she was beside herself.

We have a day at the park planned today.
We'll show you pictures. :)

Sarah said...

Great post and wonderful pictures. I never get tired of seeing kids playing at the park, even though I've seen the sight myself many, many times!

Lindsay said...

What a sweet post! Meredith liked the big swings before the little swings too, though now she always goes for the little swings. I think she likes that they're less work now lol. That's really neat about the other family. How cool that you guys are keeping in touch.

Garrison Family said...

I cant get over how handsome that little boy is getting!!!

How awesome that Ainsley is making friends! Thats awesome! We would go to the park but gosh it has been so freakin' hot here lately that sadly mommy doesnt want to sit out there ... not to mention how hot the toys get.

Cindy said...

He was stuck to the swing. ROFL.

I love the fairy ring, and the story if Ainsley's new friend... all of it is so great!

green said...

Funny how us adults easily fall into the trap of seeing sameness in every day, every activity... kids though :)

Nice post!


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Can you help me remember how to smile?
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
How on earth did I get so jaded?
Life's mystery seems so faded

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