Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cloth shopping bag giveaway!

Want to win some cloth shopping bags? I'm giving some away! Come on over and enter the drawing!

You won't regret it. (Plus, I could use your help with travel and camping food ideas ...)


Gina said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your comment on my post. I've deleted the post for now, need to think if I am worried about it...

Really enjoying your blog :)

Gina xxx

Sarah said...

Gina, I hope I didn't scare you. I loved your pictures and thought they were darling. And I, too, prefer to think of the world as a lovely, welcoming place. But the internet ... well it potentially allows people 'into' my life that would otherwise not have access. After seeing a huge bump in my hits from one post - from months ago - I ferreted out the reason for it - I used 'little', 'girls', and 'swimsuits' in a string in a sentence which brought out the creepies. It was a totally innocent picture, but I pulled it off and the hits went away. Didn't freak me out, but it made me even more aware than I already had been.

I can't live in fear, but I have learned to use euphemisms or other literary tricks to beat the creepy's searches.

I love having your blog in my reader. It makes me smile everytime a string of pictures from you comes up. Hope the new home is working out!