Thursday, July 23, 2009

An errand filled day.

The day started out with a move - the caterpillar moved into our old triop container.

Then a trip to the library to drop books off ...

and pick new ones out.

Then to the fabric store for necessary supplies.

The boas were not necessary supplies.

A trip to an outdoor recreation supply store was in order. Very cool statue out front.

Inside the store, we went to price out camp stoves. We saw a lot of stuff on the way.

Disturbing stuff.

Really? A giraffe?

See, I try to rationalize it. "At least they probably used the meat." Not likely on a giraffe, but possible. Helps me sleep at night.

Then I get to these little guys.

Literally, very little guys. The necks on those are no longer or thicker than my upper arm. Barely enough meat on their whole bodies for a single kebab.

I had to distract myself, so I asked Hannah what she was looking at.

"Big knives, Mother. With weird handles." Yeah, the handles were made of badger jaws - with teeth still intact. Doesn't seem like a real comfortable knife to use.

Another try at distracting myself -

That's much better. Fantastic wine bottle holder. Gave me a fit of giggles.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

A great day with great pictures...I giggled at the library book return one with Ainsley in her pink hat and matching boots. *That* is a gal after my own heart!
We did a trip to a Cabella's back in January that had us in a fit of giggles and I got some great pics, too. Next time, I think you and I should pick an Outdoor Store somewhere in between the two of us, meet there and spend the afternoon laughing our heads off. Whadaya say? :-)

Sarah said...

Isn't she funny?

Oh, it would be such fun to meet at a Cabela's and laugh our ... heads off. I remember your Cabela's post. It was hilarious.