Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hair stylin'

First, before I forget, if you want to see a video I took of a cute little adolescent skunk, go here.

I decided that I wanted lilac streaks in my hair, so I called up my hair stylist - who is also a dear friend - and scheduled a time to come in when Matt could watch the kids. Then Hannah found out what I was doing and wanted to come with me. Then Ainsley wanted to come. Then Hannah wanted to get purple and blue streaks. Then Ainsley wanted to dye her hair "awwl da way pink".

Red hair doesn't take dye well, and Ainsley's hair is nowhere near long enough to even attempt streaks, so that was out. We've tried dyeing Hannah's hair with kool-aid before, but it would burn her scalp, so I didn't think this would go over too well. Still, she was adamant that it would be fine, and neither her father nor I cared if she did it. Hair grows out. So she looked at the color book with me and ended up picking pink. I stuck with the purple.

I've never had my hair dyed professionally before, so this was an experience for both Hannah and me. She watched me get my hair done and then she jumped up in the seat with no hesitation.

Of course, some of that lack of hesitation has to do with the fact that she adores Shannon. Like all hairdressers, Shannon is a pro at conversation and every time Hannah gets her hair trimmed, Shannon talks with her as if she were an adult client. It's lovely.

After we both got done, we had to sit and wait for the dye to sink in and Matt got his hair trimmed. Ainsley kept staring at me with a funny expression on her face, not unlike the time I shaved my head. I did look a little different with all that foil in my hair.

Ainsley *really* wanted a turn on the chair, so we told her that after I got my hair shampooed and rinsed, she could get her hair trimmed. The first trim of her little life. ("No, second," Hannah reminded me. "Remember when I cut her hair?") As soon as my body lifted off the chair, Ainsley's little body was squirming up into it. She loved her new little bob (she doesn't have much hair - especially for a nearly three year old).

After Hannah's shampoo and rinse, Grayson got the first trim of his short life also.

Matt loves it, I don't. I want my little baby back.

So this is how Hannah and I look now.

Hannah's is vibrant and much cuter in person. I was surprised at how fantastic it looks on her.

Mine is not so noticeable. I went to the store today and Hannah had to tell the cashier that her mother's hair was purple after which the cashier looked closer and said "Huh! You're right! That's really pretty." So it's not *exactly* what I was going for, but I am in no way disappointed. I like it very much.

In conclusion, this is what happens when Mother schedules a hair appointment for herself so that Father can watch the kids for a few hours by himself. The entire family gets their hair done.


Anonymous said...

I totally love the hair. I would love to get mine done the same way but I am a faired it won't even take.

Stephanie said...

Dh had his purple for a while.
A long time ago.
Mine's been lots of colors. :) Mostly pinks and oranges.
It's hard... you have to bleach the hell out of it to get the color out, then it'll take.
When I'm older I'm going to be Mrs. Sloakum, and have orange, bright pink, purple, cobalt blue... according to my mood and outfits.

The Thinker said...

How cute you all look! Oh, I remember the trauma of my baby boy's first haircut. We held off for a long time... Until the comments about our beautiful daughter started getting very awkward for us. LOL

What a beautiful post. :)

RunninL8 said...

How FUN!!!!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love the pink!!!!! What a sweet day. :)

Kyre said...

Love the colour on Hannah! I thought yours would be a bit darker purple, but I like how subtle it is.

Lynna said...

I've been trying to find something new and exciting - not sure it'll include purple. It looks good though. I'd be way too chicken!!

Cindy said...

I love how Hannah poses for all the pics... especially the last one with you two together. She's quite the model!

All the haircuts look great though! The color additions sure are fun but you are right, the purple is harder to see.

And darn it, Grayson is getting way too big. :-(

MomCO3 said...

Ha! Isn't that the truth-- my "alone time" turns into "everyone leaves the house with Mommy." I like the purple.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh dear...there's just SO much I want to say about this post (ha, I think you've said this to me before, too) - this post was *so* fun. Love that the whole family got in on mama's day out! :-)
Those pictures are so incredibly cute - oh, and I remember how hard it was to trim Teagan's hair the first time. In fact, I didn't do it until he was over 2! He had blonde ringlets almost to his shoulders! Ladies were stopping me in the store to tell me what a "beautiful daughter" I had. haha
(Teags doesn't much care for that story - lol)
Love the Hannah/Sarah finished hairstyle photo - beautiful!
BTW, Aidan's hair has been, at one time or another, red (well, orange), bleached, blue (!!), chemically straightened, and dreadlocked over the course of his 17 1/2 years... :-)

Sarah said...

Fayette, yours is a nice blonde, I bet it would take the color well!

Steph, now I want to meet you even more.

Thinker, thank you so much! Yeah, my husband didn't like his 'longish' hair. I didn't mind it at all, but it certainly wasn't gorgeous ringlets - it was exactly like the girl's hair at the same age - ratty two minutes after you combed it out.

Lynna, you should try it! If you don't like it, you can get it re-dyed or just grow it out. ;)

Cindy, isn't she funny? I went back and looked at that picture, and you're right - she is a natural little poser. lol And you're right about Gray too. Wah.

CO3, the Mom's day out turning into the family's outing was too funny. Maybe I'll try again next year. lol

Danni, I love to hear that you're "that kind of mom". Very cool.

Everybody else who left kind comments - thank you!

Madeline Rains said...

: ) Fabulous! I love the banner so so much as well. May she stay there with her pink boots for a while.