Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lesson learned.

Lesson learned by them: cousins enjoy playing dress-up in Mommy and Daddy's clothes as much as you do.

Lesson learned by Mommy: when cousins come over to play and get very quiet upstairs, you might want to go check on them.

But if you do, you just might miss out on cuteness of this magnitude.


Stephanie said...

Love Ains in the blue frufru sweater.

We have cousins again for a couple of days.

Cindy said...

That is tons of cuteness! And that color of blue looks really striking on Ainser!

Tuan's Princess said...

Sorry Sarah - I think that outfit looks better on Ains than on you. *duck* lol

I also think you post more pics of my kids on your blog than I do on mine. *hides head in bag* Must fix that.

Too cute!

Green Mamma said...

That last photo is too cute! I think you're right about letting the kids get all quiet and see what fun they're up to, :-)